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Definition of abandon:

  1. A complete giving up to natural impulses; freedom from artificial constraint; careless freedom or ease.
  2. Abandonment; relinquishment.
  3. Reflexively: To give ( one's self) up without attempt at self- control; to yield ( one's self) unrestrainedly; - often in a bad sense.
  4. To cast or drive out; to banish; to expel; to reject.
  5. To give up absolutely; to forsake entirely ; to renounce utterly; to relinquish all connection with or concern on; to desert, as a person to whom one owes allegiance or fidelity; to quit; to surrender.
  6. To relinquish all claim to; - used when an insured person gives up to underwriters all claim to the property covered by a policy, which may remain after loss or damage by a peril insured against.


unrestraint, cast off, desert, do someone wrong, drop by the wayside, rescind, retire from, plunk, hit out, chuck, verve, throw overboard, throw, spontaneousness, slap, unconstraint, break a habit, come away, wantonness, waste, overturn, fall by the wayside, devastate, lightheartedness, licentiousness, shove, depart from, repeal, chuck up the sponge, repudiate, naturalness, revoke, annul, ferocity, grow out of, forfeit, enthusiasm, deliver, dash, countermand, move on, move with the times, fury, ravage, toss, vehemence, lay down, see reason/sense, lay off, freedom, shove around, dash off, convert, stick, forego, exuberance, quitclaim, not lift a finger, trample, drop out, recklessness, spontaneity, kick, impetuosity, scourge, throw over, backpedal, take off, dispense with, give over, oppress, dump, vacate, ease, keep, allow, go away, empty, redline, furiousness, get away, abandonment, forsake, grind down, resist, violence, abjure, throw in the towel, run off, fierceness, wildness, vigor, adapt, depopulate, yield, cede, leave someone in the lurch, scoot, reverse, draw out, withdraw from, kick around, mistreat, render, uninhibitedness, abuse, shoot off, clear out, spirit, free, lift, skip out, throw in, cut down, hand over, continue, that's your problem, cut out, demit, leave off, do little to help/solve etc., lay waste to, clear off, void, plop, clap, change your mind, desolate, animation, give in, break off, make off, recant, forswear, revise, spare, give up, swear off.

Usage examples: