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Definition of abandoned:

  1. Forsaken, deserted.
  2. of Abandon
  3. Self- abandoned, or given up to vice; extremely wicked, or sinning without restraint; irreclaimably wicked ; as, an abandoned villain.


woebegone, desolate, inclined, broken-down, repudiated, empty, dissolute, unfortunate, neglectful, fast, inhabited, flea-bitten, debased, neglected, cast off, mournful, unconstrained, given, unrestrained, profligate, bedraggled, adrift, addicted, lewd, habituated, unbridled, run-down, uninhabited, uninhibited, immoral, cast away, alone, friendless, decrepit, cast aside, creaky, restraint, licentious, ramshackle, helpless, wanton, wild, incontinent, lost, hopeless, rakish, tatterdemalion, dissipated, wedded, prone, doomed, devoted, dilapidated, gay, vacant, remiss, solitary, uncontrolled, attached, ungoverned, keep, tumble-down, desperate, accustomed, delinquent, deserted, wicked, bereft, forsaken, given over, lorn, used, derelict, disposed.

Usage examples: