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Definition of abrasion:

  1. A superficial excoriation, with loss of substance under the form of small shreds.
  2. The act of abrading, wearing, or rubbing off; the wearing away by friction; as, the abrasion of coins.
  3. The substance rubbed off.


loot, lettuce, cabbage, detrition, athlete's foot, scratching, dough, corrasion, lolly, abscess, knead, wampum, contrition, excoriation, boodle, gelt, starting line, bruise, moolah, scrape, dinero, attrition, abrade, scratch line, chicken feed, buff, bedsore, simoleons, start, incision, prick, lucre, rasp, grind, bread, boil, scratch, chafe, scribble, scrawl, run, cacography, shekels, graze, kale, clams, contriteness, rub, blackhead, black eye, sugar, dent, grinding, pelf.

Usage examples: