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Definition of abrogate:

  1. Abrogated; abolished.
  2. To annul by an authoritative act; to abolish by the authority of the maker or his successor; to repeal; - applied to the repeal of laws, decrees, ordinances, the abolition of customs, etc.
  3. To put an end to; to do away with.


come in, overthrow, destroy, vacate, subvert, supplant, revoke, disannul, eradicate, decriminalize, set aside, backdate, prohibit, dissolve, bring in, extinguish, end, cancel, void, study atabolish, quash, cancel, avoid, criminalize, extirpate, exterminate, nullify, codify, roll back, annul, stamp out, amend, amendment, terminate, suppress, remove, reverse, rescind, abate, obliterate, abolish, get rid of, strike down, continue, annihilate, null.

Usage examples: