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Definition of accompaniment:

  1. A part performed by instruments, accompanying another part or parts performed by voices; the subordinate part, or parts, accompanying the voice or a principal instrument; also, the harmony of a figured bass.
  2. That which accompanies; something that attends as a circumstance, or which is added to give greater completeness to the principal thing, or by way of ornament, or for the sake of symmetry.


financial backing, music, backup, meeter, attendee, bread and butter, complement, patronage, enrichment, co-occurrence, funding, stand-in, reinforcement, supplement, substitute, conjunction, coincidence, full complement, attender, attribute, coexistence, consequence, associate, championship, tender, date, backup man, attendant, enhancement, sustenance, keep, relief, harmony, context, concomitant, supporting, living, bodyguard, reliever, support, escort, documentation, computer backup, backing, concurrence, musical accompaniment, accompanied, fill-in, financial support, livelihood, reenforcement.

Usage examples: