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Definition of accredit:

  1. To believe; to credit; to put trust in.
  2. To credit; to vouch for or consider ( some one) as doing something, or ( something) as belonging to some one.
  3. To put or bring into credit; to invest with credit or authority; to sanction.
  4. To send with letters credential, as an ambassador, envoy, or diplomatic agent; to authorize, as a messenger or delegate.


pick out, consent, tell apart, agnize, reckon, greet, spot, say, laud, recommend, invest, OK, know, chalk up, sanction, ratify, hail, realize, adhere to, tout, confirm, cheer, give something/someone the green light, homologate, commission, charter, allow, recognise, study at, approbate, credit, believe in, applaud, give, discern, distinguish, formalize, warrant, look kindly on something, vest, condone, realise, finalize, certify, enable, license, crack up, salute, make out, know best, entitle, put down, qualify, have a mind of your own, approve, praise, consider, charge, empower, authorize, agnise, clear, recognize, hold, incline, lay, think.

Usage examples: