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Definition of acme:

  1. Mature age; full bloom of life.
  2. The crisis or height of a disease.
  3. The top or highest point; the culmination.


meridian, altitude, payoff, bloom, heyday, eyeshade, prime, height, aggrandisement, visor, natural elevation, study atsummit, elevation, teetotum, line of longitude, summit meeting, point, superlative degree, flower, apex, tiptop, flush, extremum, round top, stature, high, efflorescence, vertex, peak, fastigium, big top, top of the inning, raising, summit, superlative, top side, apogee, bill, tallness, aggrandizement, upside, apex of the sun's way, cover, whirligig, pinnacle, solar apex, circus tent, upper side, lift, top, spinning top, blossom, vizor.

Usage examples: