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Definition of acquire:

  1. To gain, usually by one's own exertions; to get as one's own; as, to acquire a title, riches, knowledge, skill, good or bad habits.


baffle, accomplish, get into, come through, shoot, go, bring in, gain, find out, get, direct, set about, beget, seize, let, realize, check, realise, pull in, instruct, film, choose, vex, bring on, necessitate, presume, engage, earn, gain ground, benefit, play, bear, stick, withdraw, clear, take, germinate, arise, look at, get down, pick out, sham, suffer, grasp, postulate, contain, stupefy, draw, get word, become, make, bring home the bacon, tackle, arrest, feign, larn, undertake, encounter, take away, select, drive, bring forth, pull ahead, convey, come by, get hold of, derive, break, rise, meet, sustain, amaze, follow, bring, consider, remove, borrow, call for, start, conduct, get wind, memorize, take over, come, sweep up, watch, arrogate, set out, deal, exact, require, produce, flummox, grow, modernize, pay off, study, take up, mature, fix, engender, stimulate, take for granted, consume, adopt, get ahead, don, maturate, take aim, spring up, originate, formulate, charter, subscribe, submit, fill, lease, achieve, put on, arrive at, discover, con, educate, dramatise, begin, make headway, learn, use up, determine, hear, see, hire, train, gravel, take on, pose, puzzle, embrace, involve, generate, bugger off, perplex, ask, cause, demand, get a line, guide, aim, experience, commence, profit, pack, contract, master, beat, simulate, carry, create, start out, mystify, dramatize, induce, reach, pick up, pay back, bring about, mother, compass, occupy, dumbfound, evolve, espouse, memorise, prepare, bring out, rent, take in, advance, uprise, assume, give rise, teach, build up, subscribe to, find, explicate, nonplus, read, father, buzz off, recrudesce, succeed, hit, bewilder, farm, raise, strike, arrive, get under one's skin, make grow, need, ascertain, lead, deliver the goods, develop, scram, turn, sire, modernise, wear, study at, form.

Usage examples: