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Definition of acrid:

  1. Causing heat and irritation; corrosive; as, acrid secretions.
  2. Caustic; bitter; bitterly irritating; as, acrid temper, mind, writing.
  3. Sharp and harsh, or bitter and not, to the taste; pungent; as, acrid salts.


resentful, inedible, nasty, acetous, smart-aleck, hot, irritating, hard, nipping, erosive, red-hot, embittered, stinging, vinegarish, acidulous, sulfurous, truculent, vitriolic, acidulent, accusing, tasteless, stifling, corrosive, attack, bland, sultry, biting, smart-mouthed, rancid, savage, venomous, barbed, acrimonious, rancorous, mordant, sore, ad hominem, sarcastic, tart, pungent, unpalatable, acerbic, insipid, smart-alecky, sulphurous, acidulated, irate, mordacious, scalding, slashing, satiric, taste, acid, bad, trenchant, acerb, unpleasant, caustic, sardonic, cutting, virulent, stale, acidic, harsh, blistery, accusatory, snarky, respect, bitter, scathing, blistering, astringent, deadly.

Usage examples: