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Definition of acumen:

  1. Quickness of perception or discernment; penetration of mind; the faculty of nice discrimination.


farsightedness, cunning, insight, quickness of perception, vision, horse sense, accuracy, quickness, discrimination, understanding, percipience, percipience, sharpness, refinement, acuteness, acuity, mother wit, discernment, good taste, smartness, insightfulness, quick sense, discrimination, high IQ, penetration, eye, wit, long-headedness, mental acuteness, brains, guile, foresightedness, percipiency, perceptiveness, cleverness, clear-sightedness, smarts, nose, keensightedness, intuition, wit, keenness, know-how, awareness, brilliance, perspicacity, sagacity, sageness, careful, ability, perception, shrewdness, sensitivity, grasp.

Usage examples: