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Definition of acuteness:

  1. Shrillness; high pitch; - said of sounds.
  2. The faculty of nice discernment or perception; acumen; keenness; sharpness; sensitiveness; -- applied to the senses, or the understanding. By acuteness of feeling, we perceive small objects or slight impressions: by acuteness of intellect, we discern nice distinctions.
  3. The quality of being acute or pointed; sharpness; as, the acuteness of an angle.
  4. Violence of a disease, which brings it speedily to a crisis.


eagerness, sagacity, sharpness, visual acuity, forcefulness, distinctness, bite, pungency, keenness, acumen, fierceness, insight, raciness, edge, avidity, sharp-sightedness, cleverness, acuity, perspicacity, discernment, penetration, astuteness, avidness, asperity, shrewdness.

Usage examples: