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Definition of addict:

  1. Addicted; devoted.
  2. To adapt; to make suitable; to fit.
  3. To apply habitually; to devote; to habituate; - with to.


maniac, hound, chain smoker, mainliner, customer, fanatic, man, user, bug, drug fiend, ballock, fleece, alcoholic, stoner, habitué, gazump, bollock, speed freak, purloin, crank, maven, monstrosity, lover, glom, plume, testis, substance abuser, dopehead, practitioner, regular, drug abuser, testicle, nut case, orchis, fool, soak, drug addict, surcharge, screwball, pluck, cabbage, pothead, tripper, follower, overcharge, egg, junkie, en, snowbird, dope fiend, cokey, hook, monster, crackhead, pill popper, adherent, fruitcake, filch, sucker, knock off, freak, druggie, acidhead, abstract, snitch, nobble, sneak, pinch, thieve, lusus naturae, swipe, nut, head, snarf, hophead, accost, solicit, lift, snare, rob, crochet, evangelist, junky, hype, crackpot, cop, ball, pilfer.

Usage examples: