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Definition of adjourn:

  1. To put off or defer to another day, or indefinitely; to postpone; to close or suspend for the day; - commonly said of the meeting, or the action, of convened body; as, to adjourn the meeting; to adjourn a debate.
  2. To suspend business for a time, as from one day to another, or for a longer period, or indefinitely; usually, to suspend public business, as of legislatures and courts, or other convened bodies; as, congress adjourned at four o'clock; the court adjourned without day.


draw off, fragmentise, take apart, table, dissipate, fragmentize, call in, crock up, hold up, resolve, disassemble, crack up, kip down, sequestrate, shelve, disrupt, hold off, dispel, sever, collapse, turn in, swallow, sack out, pick, split up, sequester, remit, dissolve, cut off, take out, disengage, recess, pull back, take back, back away, fragment, decompose, interrupt, pull away, suspend, retire, part, put on ice, delay, crawfish, bow out, dismantle, suspend, withdraw, call back, waive, wait, crash, disperse, unsay, break, split, do, crawl in, scatter, defer, hit the hay, seclude, break up, bed, go to sleep, stay, strike out, retreat, break apart, put out, move back, draw back, back out, take, draw, calve, prorogue, remove, postpone, dismiss, crawfish out, study atsuspend, recede, take away, crack, go to bed, pull in one's horns, separate, hit the sack, break down, recall.

Usage examples: