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Definition of adjure:

  1. To charge, bind, or command, solemnly, as if under oath, or under the penalty of a curse; to appeal to in the most solemn or impressive manner; to entreat earnestly.


contract, weight-lift, invite, stir, fight, bring up, conspire, evoke, compact, beseech, tender, cabal, campaign, charge, weightlift, machinate, push, complot, enjoin, exhort, invoke, conjure, call forth, press out, put forward, counsel, weigh, squeeze, urge on, conjure up, admonish, call, tell, iron out, wish, raise, urge, direct, bid, compress, call down, arouse, crusade, instruct, iron, order, offer, press, boss, constrict, entreat, agitate.

Usage examples: