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Definition of admirer:

  1. One who admires; one who esteems or loves greatly.


fan, sweetheart, someone's baby, booster amplifier, suitor, whiz, protagonist, adept, jock, fighter, sensation, title-holder, devotee, lifter, ally, paladin, takeoff rocket, helper, romantic, wizard, maven, hero, suspensor, hotshot, friend, supporter, wooer, champion, evangelist, fancier, praise, fanatic, athletic supporter, like, booster rocket, beau, sponsor, acquaintance, sex, star, booster station, whizz, shoplifter, lover, beloved, love, promoter, the light of someone's life, garter, booster dose, booster shot, the apple of someone's eye, relay transmitter, genius, relay station, adorer, superstar, worshiper, patron, agonist, help, booster unit, courter, relay link, romeo, recall dose, swain, jockstrap, booster, takeoff booster, mavin, champ, enthusiast, aficionado, plugger, ace, follower, virtuoso, assistant, wiz, man.

Usage examples: