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Definition of admit:

  1. To allow ( one) to enter on an office or to enjoy a privilege; to recognize as qualified for a franchise; as, to admit an attorney to practice law; the prisoner was admitted to bail.
  2. To be capable of; to permit; as, the words do not admit such a construction. In this sense, of may be used after the verb, or may be omitted.
  3. To concede as true; to acknowledge or assent to, as an allegation which it is impossible to deny; to own or confess; as, the argument or fact is admitted; he admitted his guilt.
  4. To give a right of entrance; as, a ticket admits one into a playhouse.
  5. To suffer to enter; to grant entrance, whether into a place, or into the mind, or consideration; to receive; to take; as, they were into his house; to admit a serious thought into the mind; to admit evidence in the trial of a cause.


learn, ask, carry, adapt, direct, tolerate, fill, accede, enter, open up, comply, give, guard, retain, concur, select, subscribe, check, include, restrain, call for, encounter, accord, hire, differ, study, confide, involve, take for, harbor, take in, lease, disclose, oblige, postulate, harmonize, obtain, contain, obligate, make known, contract, credit, talk, yield, assume, recognize, let in, adopt, remove, take aim, shoot, tell, consider, take on, go for, recognise, pack, undertake, arrest, reserve, consent, hold up, allow in, take over, train, halt, grant, keep back, subscribe to, occupy, take hold, receipt, exact, permit, take, realize, keep, leave, know, need, throw, hold back, charter, earmark, accept, defy, strike, indicate, fit, film, give up, appropriate, accommodate, notice, bind, use up, communicate, concede, divulge, acknowledge, require, acquiesce, set aside, guide, nurse, consume, concord, reconcile, own up, meet, bear, play, necessitate, prevail, countenance, apply, harbour, adjudge, tackle, hide, confirm, combine, take up, allow, deal, look at, provide, withstand, lead, deny, curb, spill, hold, uncover, make, get hold of, conciliate, sing, take into account, rent, engage, let, fess up, deem, read, live with, confess, convey, drive, agree, assent, allow for, view as, lodge, book, suit, bare, avow, narrate, defend, hold in, expose, own, confine, coincide, demand, relate, bring, go along with, reveal, plead guilty, let on, conduct, pick out, take away, control, choose, entertain, withdraw, knowledge, aim, have got, intromit, have, moderate.

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