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Definition of adverse:

  1. Acting against, or in a contrary direction; opposed; contrary; opposite; conflicting; as, adverse winds; an adverse party; a spirit adverse to distinctions of caste.
  2. In hostile opposition to; unfavorable; unpropitious; contrary to one's wishes; unfortunate; calamitous; afflictive; hurtful; as, adverse fates, adverse circumstances, things adverse.
  3. Opposite.
  4. To oppose; to resist.


perverse, obstinate, fraught, risky, hostile, ominous, antagonistic, unbecoming, nocuous, pernicious, baneful, embarrassing, unsympathetic, unadvantageous, problematic, oppositional, antagonistic, untoward, wayward, bad, inimical, mischievous, opposed, help, counter, ruinous, damaging, contrary, negative, disruptive, injurious, adversarial, unsafe, noxious, uncomely, support, indecent, unfavourable, harmful, disadvantageous, unsatisfactory, baleful, dangerous, invidious, unseemly, ill, disadvantageous, unfavorable, inauspicious, hurtful, indecorous, contentious, hazardous, evil, conflicting, inopportune, wicked, prejudicial, deleterious.

Usage examples: