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Definition of advert:

  1. To turn the mind or attention; to refer; to take heed or notice; - with to; as, he adverted to what was said.


hang up, abduce, call down, string up, put forward, publicizing, look, point out, discover, suggest, take care, adduce, advertizement, list, insinuate, touch on, assist, impact, appoint, tinct, nurture, indicate, denote, attend to, evoke, contact, make, advertizing, pay attention, observe, arouse, equal, reboot, distinguish, call forth, concern, imply, note, cling, reference, pertain, affect, signify, see, summons, lift, meet, tint, attend, invoke, bear on, bring up, relate, go to, mention, disturb, consult, wait on, parent, summon, rival, look up, elevate, touch, pay heed, tinge, hint, point, rear, bear upon, cite, serve, words, call, adjoin, key out, advertisement, reach, remark, get up, conjure up, have-to doe with, stir, flow, extend to, hang, constitute, ad, match, key, conjure, fall, nominate, diagnose, quote, raise, refer, advertising, boot, identify, give ear, partake, intimate, name, describe, come to, allude.

Usage examples: