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Definition of affinity:

  1. A relation between species or highe groups dependent on resemblance in the whole plan of structure, and indicating community of origin.
  2. A superior spiritual relationship or attraction held to exist sometimes between persons, esp. persons of the opposite sex; also, the man or woman who exerts such psychical or spiritual attraction.
  3. Companionship; acquaintance.
  4. Kinship generally; close agreement; relation; conformity; resemblance; connection; as, the affinity of sounds, of colors, or of languages.
  5. Relationship by marriage ( as between a husband and his wife's blood relations, or between a wife and her husband's blood relations); - in contradistinction to consanguinity, or relationship by blood; - followed by with, to, or between.
  6. That attraction which takes place, at an insensible distance, between the heterogeneous particles of bodies, and unites them to form chemical compounds; chemism; chemical or elective affinity or attraction.


chemical attraction, sympathy, analogy, lineage, propinquity, relation, alikeness, stock, kinship by marriage, simile, family relationship, uniformness, fraternity, alliance, semblance, coincidence, phylogenetic relation, kinship, similitude, comparison, interconnection, likeness, parity, heritage, parallelism, instability, proportion, strain, resemblance, same, fondness, liking, uniformity, tie, breed, similarity, appetency, agreement, correspondence, susceptibility.

Usage examples: