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Definition of agency:

  1. The faculty of acting or of exerting power; the state of being in action; action; instrumentality.
  2. The office of an agent, or factor; the relation between a principal and his agent; business of one intrusted with the concerns of another.
  3. The place of business of am agent.


mode, way, company, action, performance, force, means, execution, internal representation, elbow room, mental representation, effect, procedure, room, berth, substance, wing, authority, authorization, federal agency, mean, power, direction, organ, representation, result, chest of drawers, position, firm, part, theatrical performance, chest, billet, manner, influence, potency, government agency, bureau, role, style, mechanism, say-so, business, place, sureness, authorisation, function, histrionics, path, department, operation, instrumentation, self-assurance, office, division, sanction, theatrical, spot, office staff, dominance, way of life, auspices, assurance, fashion, confidence, delegacy, post, arm, self-confidence, branch, situation, business office, dresser.

Usage examples: