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Definition of agglomerate:

  1. A collection or mass.
  2. A mass of angular volcanic fragments united by heat; - distinguished from conglomerate.
  3. Alt. of Agglomerated
  4. To collect in a mass.
  5. To wind or collect into a ball; hence, to gather into a mass or anything like a mass.


jumble, patchwork, cumulus cloud, cumulation, flock, olio, pitcher, megabucks, aggregate, pile, hatful, spile, mélange, heap, down, gumbo, great deal, accrue, montage, variety, salmagundi, galvanic pile, mound, rummage, passel, wad, cumulus, mint, hodgepodge, hash, spate, accumulate, medley, batch, assortment, atomic pile, potpourri, mountain, pot, piling, slew, tidy sum, grab bag, collage, crazy quilt, salad, jalopy, big bucks, collective, pastiche, tumble, mickle, big money, sight, muddle, pitcher's mound, agglomerated, motley, botch, clutter, mixed bag, chain reactor, plenty, knoll, good deal, lot, scramble, jungle, peck, stack, collect, quite a little, mass, miscellanea, stilt, garner, voltaic pile, gallimaufry, raft, amass, hammock, macédoine, ragbag, agglomeration, nap, ragout, agglomerative, mishmash, deal, roll up, hummock, litter, cumulate, olla podrida, patchwork quilt, smorgasbord, muckle, clustered, atomic reactor, shuffle, gather, hive, alphabet soup, stew, mess, farrago, menagerie, hotchpotch, bundle, hill, hillock, pile up, jambalaya, omnium-gatherum, bus, welter.

Usage examples: