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Definition of ahead:

  1. Headlong; without restraint.
  2. In or to the front; in advance; onward.


ahead of, around, forrader, advanced, beforehand, up, winning, victorious, afore, homeward, prosper, come, contemporary, before, into, modernistic, eastbound, back, bound for something, in the long run/term, when the time comes, later, someday, a.m., precedent, left, triumphant, antecedent, leading, space-age, to come, forward, formerly, at, advancing, come in, previous, forwards, earlier, anteriorly, fore, onward, succeed, cross-country, progress, along, from all sides, frontwards, previously, apart, forrard, forrad, sooner or later, betimes, counterclockwise, ahead of time, early, modern, first, forth, onwards, hip, barely, up-to-the-minute, in advance, drop back, in the lead, prior, since, beyond, dash, advance, after, false start, across, oncoming, clock, by, far-off, the blocks, ahead of your/its etc. time, already, clockwise, baton, tomorrow, about, state-of-the-art, direct, down, out front, antecedently, downwind, fast, one day, by the time, half-hour, preliminarily, foremost, futuristic, frontward, in front, on, with time to spare, time, behind, dead heat.

Usage examples: