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Definition of airlift:

Synonyms for airlift:

reverse, pinch, elevate, rustle, buzz, aerodynamic lift, elevation, aerospace, raising, rhytidectomy, air jump, air freight, ski tow, rhytidoplasty, air freight, eject, swipe, arise, air corridor, repeal, rise, heave, wind, plagiarise, captain, purloin, lift, rescind, nip and tuck, raise, air-to-air, bank, drop, ditch, move up, pilfer, come down, annul, abstract, go up, face-lift, airdrop, airborne, air pocket, filch, face lifting, uprise, hook, transportation, revoke, air traffic control, cabbage, sneak, nobble, vacate, elevator, hoist, plagiarize, snarf, countermand, airdrop, transportation, overturn, bring up, come up, airspeed, down, climb, ski lift, aerobatics, cosmetic surgery, air jump, facelift, rear, get up.

Usage examples: