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Definition of allege:

  1. To alleviate; to lighten, as a burden or a trouble.
  2. To bring forward with positiveness; to declare; to affirm; to assert; as, to allege a fact.
  3. To cite or quote; as, to allege the authority of a judge.
  4. To produce or urge as a reason, plea, or excuse; as, he refused to lend, alleging a resolution against lending.


introduce, declare, assign, testify, claim, produce, assert, order, swan, tell, suppose, argue, maintain, present, offer, pronounce, articulate, affirm, enjoin, aver, say, enounce, swear, lay, read, words, avouch, contend, hold, avow, sound out, law, verify, state, advance, asseverate, enunciate, adduce.

Usage examples: