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Definition of alley:

  1. A choice taw or marble.
  2. A narrow passage or way in a city, as distinct from a public street.
  3. A narrow passage; especially a walk or passage in a garden or park, bordered by rows of trees or bushes; a bordered way.
  4. A passageway between rows of pews in a church.
  5. Any passage having the entrance represented as wider than the exit, so as to give the appearance of length.
  6. The space between two rows of compositors' stands in a printing office.


thoroughfare, blind alley, baseline, arcade, course, AstroTurf, rear way, passage, bridle-path, path, campus, bowl, the box, highroad, back street, clay, road, roadway, cloister, pathway, car park, passageway, way, bowling alley, court, street, skittle alley, route, lane, channel, the bench, close, crease, track, avenue, driveway, backyard, highway, pass, alleyway, bleachers, back.

Usage examples: