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Definition of allot:

  1. To distribute by lot.
  2. To distribute, or parcel out in parts or portions; or to distribute to each individual concerned; to assign as a share or lot; to set apart as one's share; to bestow on; to grant; to appoint; as, let every man be contented with that which Providence allots him.


dish, get by, lot, circulate, set apart, put, deal out, depute, contend, disperse, circularize, propagate, care, yield, arrogate, mete out, measure out, dole out, dish up, concede, destine, grapple, admeasure, dish out, spread, pass around, accord, delegate, grant, administrate, hand out, manage, hand over, cover, pass on, harmonise, plow, divide up, appropriate, impute, trade, cede, portion out, cope, handle, fit in, agree, stagger, broadcast, hand, pass out, serve up, parcel out, set aside, consort, concord, conduct, appoint, make do, give out, divvy up, assign, make out, circularise, treat, harmonize, specify, address, part with, shell out, collect, administer, carry on, designate, consider, sell, deed over, select, take, portion, look at, diffuse, disseminate.

Usage examples: