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Definition of already:

  1. Prior to some specified time, either past, present, or future; by this time; previously.


around the corner, so soon, preliminarily, suddenly, erstwhile, antecedently, right now, prevailing, one day, soon, at present, so early, precede, such as it is, sadly, at once, excruciating, in no time (at all), current, imminent, at the earliest/first opportunity, anteriorly, by now, beforehand, at this time, present, hopelessly, just, alive, even now, before, by that time, now, past, modern-day, straight, even then, in the short run/term, ago, then, promptly, earlier, once, by the time mentioned, unspeakable, close, on-the-spot, utter, downright, but now, instantly, previously, just now, headlong, beforetime, shortly, in progress, fast, at one time, by this time, afore, existing, aforetime, utterly, sorry, thorough, any day/moment etc. now, straight away, up to now, formerly, in the past, immediate.

Usage examples: