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Definition of alter:

  1. To agitate; to affect mentally.
  2. To become, in some respects, different; to vary; to change; as, the weather alters almost daily; rocks or minerals alter by exposure.
  3. To geld.
  4. To make otherwise; to change in some respect, either partially or wholly; to vary; to modify.


refashion, switch, bowdlerise, expurgate, distort, exchange, let out, extrapolate, depart, decapitate, redo, become, desex, motley, deepen, transfer, demasculinise, turn, tend, remodel, change, take in, misrepresent, rework, make into, fake, go into, change into, excise, diverge, study at, sew, unsex, turn up, develop, reverse, metamorphose, circumcise, interchange, turn into, veer, dismember, decay, rich, castrate, emasculate, tack, revamp, cook, geld, substitute, shorten, variegate, qualify, wangle, remake, falsify, stitch, transmute, eviscerate, bowdlerize, shift, garble, mend, disembowel, spay, reproduction, vary, neuter, commute, sterilize, pin up, manipulate, embroider, recast, fudge, amputate, reconstruct, interpolate, make over, warp, demasculinize.

Usage examples: