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Definition of altogether:

  1. All together; conjointly.
  2. Without exception; wholly; completely.


fast, surely, precisely, basically, certainly, quite, just, collectedly, all in all, thoroughly, in short, the sum total, primarily, substantially, exactly, absolute, flat, solely, everything, totally, all of, dead, predominantly, completely, entirely, full, well, all told, enough, simply, on balance, whole, pure, inclusively, all-or-nothing, heartily, especially, in the final/last analysis, clean, out, in summary, by and large, in all, wide, soundly, perfectly, limited, bodily, in sum, entire, wholly, big, all, fully, complete, all over, generally, clearly, through and through, overall, utterly, mainly, even, alone, words to that effect, honestly, literally, birthday suit, largely, clear, exclusively, together, evidently, on the whole, plumb, particular, essentially, absolutely, mostly, in effect, tout ensemble, in toto, only, wholesale, actually, principally, raw, briefly, in brief, all-inclusive, collectively.

  • completely (part of speech: adverb)

Usage examples: