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Definition of amalgamate:

  1. Alt. of Amalgamated
  2. To coalesce, as a result of growth; to combine into a uniform whole; to blend; as, two organs or parts amalgamate.
  3. To compound or mix, as quicksilver, with another metal; to unite, combine, or alloy with mercury.
  4. To mix, so as to make a uniform compound; to unite or combine; as, to amalgamate two races; to amalgamate one race with another.
  5. To unite in an amalgam; to blend with another metal, as quicksilver.


mix in, immix, flux, buy out, immingle, amalgamated, conflate, unite, mix, united, mingle, contract out, ruffle, mix up, shuffle, coalesced, concrete, commingle, integrate, amalgamation, Bros., interfuse, unify, dissolve, commix, stir in, demerge, demerger, intermingle, homogenize, consolidated, stir, admix, fused, comingle, desegregate, jumble, coalesce.

Usage examples: