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Definition of amazing:

  1. Causing amazement; very wonderful; as, amazing grace.
  2. of Amaze


startling, awed, cheerful, awing, dumbfounding, awesome, dreaded, nice, frightening, miraculous, enviable, admirable, unbelievable, flabbergasting, wondrous, sublime, jarring, astonishing, respected, marvelous, fearful, awful, fantastic, unexpected, praiseworthy, marvelous, eye-opening, awe-inspiring, dire, unusual, shocking, abominable, horrific, unspeakable, pleasant, impressive, heroic, jaw-dropping, earth-shattering, fabulous, blindsiding, pleasurable, prodigious, pleasing, fantastical, relaxing, sensational, noteworthy, frightful, atrocious, distinguished, stupendous, tremendous, staggering, wondrous, good, restful, fearsome, dreadful, enjoyable, portentous, extraordinary, direful, stupefying, terrible, wonderful, phenomenal, dread, horrendous, surprising, painful, nasty, incredible, attractive, jolting, remarkable, lovely, commendable.

Usage examples: