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Definition of ambiguity:

  1. The quality or state of being ambiguous; doubtfulness or uncertainty, particularly as to the signification of language, arising from its admitting of more than one meaning; an equivocal word or expression.


fog, hedge, mysteriousness, clear, inscrutability, obliquity, incertitude, cloudiness, weasel word, obscurity, perplexity, ill-defined, double-edged, meaningless, indefiniteness, bewilderment, opaqueness, muddle, inscrutableness, equivocality, equivocation, equivoque, shuffle, opacity, obscureness, confusion, nebulosity, darkness, waffle, nonsense, puzzlement, equivocal, euphemism, tergiversation, two-edged, nebulousness, ambiguousness, obliqueness, hollow, vagueness, uncertainty, culture shock, uncertainty, murkiness, vagueness, unclearness, prevarication, delirium, mixed message, ambiguous, cryptic.

Usage examples: