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Definition of amend:

  1. by simply removing what is erroneous, corrupt, superfluous, faulty, and the like;
  2. by substituting something else in the place of what is removed; to rectify.
  3. by supplying deficiencies;
  4. To change or modify in any way for the better
  5. To grow better by rectifying something wrong in manners or morals; to improve.


reclaim, remediate, emend, recreate, change, cleanse, rewrite, make better, regenerate, relieve, redress, recompense, advance, help, right, mend, ameliorate, doctor, compensate, resort, indemnify, improve, bushel, touch on, remedy, revivify, reanimate, upgrade, furbish up, vivify, rectify, reform, break, refine, restore, repair, mitigate, revive, better, rework, purify, revamp, quicken, animate, meliorate, renovate, emendate.

Usage examples: