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Definition of anatomy:

  1. A skeleton; anything anatomized or dissected, or which has the appearance of being so.
  2. A treatise or book on anatomy.
  3. The act of dividing anything, corporeal or intellectual, for the purpose of examining its parts; analysis; as, the anatomy of a discourse.
  4. The art of dissecting, or artificially separating the different parts of any organized body, to discover their situation, structure, and economy; dissection.
  5. The science which treats of the structure of organic bodies; anatomical structure or organization.


pulp, material body, division, review, condition, form, grade, search, frame, cast, haoma, antler, frame of reference, blowhole, deconstruction, general anatomy, assemble, flesh, var., anatomizing, build, mannikin, number, public figure, conformation, anatomical, aeronautics, bodily, capsule, figure, strain, examination, scrutiny, body-build, human body, descriptor, physical body, configuration, signifier, astrophysics, skeletal system, fig, image, mannequin, person, belly, kind, astronomy, somatic, variety, survey, word form, body, systema skeletale, due diligence, figure of speech, carapace, human, inning, habitus, genetics, framing, bacteriology, big science, chassis, ballistics, soma, bony, aerodynamics, design, physique, arm, class, manikin, manakin, embodiment, pattern, sort, breakdown, contour, shape, medicine, carcass, variant, name, investigate, assay, underframe, body image, diagnosis, check, inspection, trope, phase, analysis, physical, biochemistry, course, bod, digit, dissection, physically, skeletal frame.

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