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Definition of anchor:

  1. A iron instrument which is attached to a ship by a cable ( rope or chain), and which, being cast overboard, lays hold of the earth by a fluke or hook and thus retains the ship in a particular station.
  2. A metal tie holding adjoining parts of a building together.
  3. An anchoret.
  4. An emblem of hope.
  5. Any instrument or contrivance serving a purpose like that of a ship's anchor, as an arrangement of timber to hold a dam fast; a contrivance to hold the end of a bridge cable, or other similar part; a contrivance used by founders to hold the core of a mold in place.
  6. Carved work, somewhat resembling an anchor or arrowhead; - a part of the ornaments of certain moldings. It is seen in the echinus, or egg- and- anchor ( called also egg- and- dart, egg- and- tongue) ornament.
  7. Fig.: That which gives stability or security; that on which we place dependence for safety.
  8. One of the anchor- shaped spicules of certain sponges; also, one of the calcareous spinules of certain Holothurians, as in species of Synapta.
  9. To cast anchor; to come to anchor; as, our ship ( or the captain) anchored in the stream.
  10. To fix or fasten; to fix in a stable condition; as, to anchor the cables of a suspension bridge.
  11. To place at anchor; to secure by an anchor; as, to anchor a ship.
  12. To stop; to fix or rest.


acquisition, correspondent, moor, strand, crutch, bollard, stopover, blade, guts, standby, buttress, sand, edit out, hold, fix, grit, the Admiral's Cup, ground, lifeline, undercoat, connect, cast anchor, establish, staff, the biz, berth, bleep out, newscaster, big business, straight shooter, DJ, commentator, get on, join, ballast, reporter, stop, bring in, found, buoy, ahoy, bower, backbone, attach, grip, pillar, guest, dock, blue chip, the America's Cup, support, boating, edit, spine, drop anchor, vertebral column, hand back, canoe, agency, run aground, defense, prime, anchorperson, reliance, account, make fast, boater, inboard motor, spinal column, trouper, lifebelt, linchpin, cramp, affiliate, beach, announcer, key, go on (the) TV/radio, a tower of strength, fasten, newsreader, gumption, bail out, confidant, headstone, broadcaster, safeguard, right-hand man, life jacket, anchorman, base, screw, ground tackle, rachis, life preserver, front, mainstay, security, flotation device, secure, lynchpin, foothold, moxie, keystone, a man/woman of his/her word, move, back, anchorwoman.

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