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Definition of angry:

  1. Inflamed and painful, as a sore.
  2. Red.
  3. Sharp; keen; stimulated.
  4. Showing anger; proceeding from anger; acting as if moved by anger; wearing the marks of anger; as, angry words or tones; an angry sky; angry waves.
  5. Touched with anger; under the emotion of anger; feeling resentment; enraged; - followed generally by with before a person, and at before a thing.
  6. Troublesome; vexatious; rigorous.


ireful, feelings, resentful, barbarian, storming, fierce, hot under the collar, godforsaken, all worked up, het up, teed off, annoyed, out of temper, steamed up, mad, sullen, incensed, angered, waste, fiery, impassioned, affronted, chafed, huffy, untamed, outraged, galled, flown off the handle, turbulent, unhealthy, hostile, convulsed, wrought up, nettled, uncivilised, out of humor, burned up, smoldering, groundless, fantastic, provoked, uncivilized, exacerbated, sore, dotty, purple in the face, at the boiling point, in a pet, umbrageous, violent, black, stormy, wild, miffed, sulky, barbaric, idle, inflamed, rabid, indignant, risky, ing red, fuming, raging, irate, savage, frothing at the mouth, riled, in high dudgeon, raving, fit to be tied, crazy, smouldering, livid, wroth, in a passion, furious, enraged, baseless, piqued, up in arms, hazardous, ferocious, vexed, bent out of shape, infuriated, tempestuous, ticked off, bitter, in a huff, unwarranted, maddened, unfounded, raving mad, irascible, gaga, wrothful, peeved, splenetic, hot, boiling, thing, up in the air, wrathful, foaming at the mouth, cross, offended, choleric, aggravated.

Usage examples: