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Definition of announce:

  1. To give public notice, or first notice of; to make known; to publish; to proclaim.
  2. To pronounce; to declare by judicial sentence.


make known, spread, introduce, blare, omen, annunciate, betoken, blaze, let it be known that, herald, start, release, forebode, address, say, hold, trumpet, render, prefigure, augur, issue, propound, portend, words, put out, acclaim, enunciate, presage, denote, foretell, publicize, flash, declare, notify, auspicate, promise, call, study atdeclare, anticipate, inform, adjudge, sound, knowledge, tell, refer, foreshadow, give out, bode, usher in, spread abroad, pronounce, bring forward, hail, forecast, predict, placard, blazon, harbinger, state, prognosticate, give notice.

Usage examples: