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Definition of annoying:

  1. of Annoy
  2. That annoys; molesting; vexatious.


mocking, corruptive, pain in the ass, plaguey, peevish, chafe, temper, tetchy, dirty, aggravator, irritating, vexatious, vexation, pestilent, techy, aggravation, quizzical, fractious, maddening, petulant, pique, pettish, vexing, concern, soreness, infliction, pestilential, testy, irritable, peckish, perversive, annoyance, provocation, pain in the neck, irritative, pestiferous, discomfort, scratchy, worry, plaguy, innervation, botheration, galling, teasing, bother, disagreeable, nettlesome, pestering, cranky, headache, irritation, bothersome, pain, pesky, excitation.

Usage examples: