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Definition of apologize:

  1. To defend.
  2. To make an apology or defense.
  3. To make an apology or excuse; to make acknowledgment of some fault or offense, with expression of regret for it, by way of amends; - with for; as, my correspondent apologized for not answering my letter.


beat your breast, make reparations for, retract, make amends, exempt, redeem yourself, give satisfaction, warrant, condone, excuse, make up, withdraw, support, free, excuse oneself, maintain, rationalise, rationalize, offer compensation, justify, offer an excuse, apologise, clear oneself, expiate, speak up for, ask pardon, express regret, ask forgiveness, prune, cut, stick up for, put on/wear a hair shirt, stand up for, bow to, beg off, explain, make it up to someone, let off, relieve, eat crow, wear sackcloth and ashes, make apology for.

Usage examples: