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Definition of appal:

Synonyms for appal:

dispirit, cow, wound, cast down, violate, dismay, daunt, frighten, desecrate, insult, profane, scandalise, go against, infract, snub, horrify, shock, traumatize, get down, breach, alarm, traumatise, assault, dishonor, depress, take aback, rape, browbeat, appall, bruise, transgress, offend, affright, terrify, affront, ravish, hurt, scandalize, injure, trade blows/insults, intimidate, pique, spite, alert, dishonour, demoralise, deject, speak/talk out of turn, demoralize, step on someone's toes, break, blow out of the water, floor, outrage, ball over, scare.

Usage examples: