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Definition of apprehend:

  1. Hence: To take or seize ( a person) by legal process; to arrest; as, to apprehend a criminal.
  2. To anticipate; esp., to anticipate with anxiety, dread, or fear; to fear.
  3. To be apprehensive; to fear.
  4. To know or learn with certainty.
  5. To take hold of with the understanding, that is, to conceive in the mind; to become cognizant of; to understand; to recognize; to consider.
  6. To take or seize; to take hold of.
  7. To think, believe, or be of opinion; to understand; to suppose.


hold on, perk up, delve, hope, foretaste, sweep through, turn over, labor, hook, nick, collect, snitch, jab, make sense of something, restrain, hear, take in, travail, get a line, gain vigor, pull in, nail, dig up, ace, embrace, breathalyze, toil, uplift, intoxicate, grasp, blast, book, compass, get wind, prod, run in, pick-up, perk, assimilate, arrest, pinch, lift up, bounty hunter, follow, peg, savvy, smash, glom, get the picture, elate, catch on, discover, accept, check, excavate, learn, recognize, thieve, cotton, find out, intuit, bust, circumnavigate, complete, decipher, twig, halt, comprehend, stop, sail through, pass with flying colors, discern, turn back, knowledge, encompass, call for, cut into, tumble, register, look forward to, grok, contain, see the light, breath test, understand, feel, pinpoint, dig out, collar, quail at, nab, make, cognize, sense, peck, receive, grind, stab, perceive, behold, knock off, get word, work out, poke, get the idea, hold, nail down, body search, fall/fit into place, apprehension, make out, conceive, hold back, cop, ken, fathom, boom, know, read, breeze through, see, dig, decode, cover, turn around, drudge, forecast, percolate, labour, appreciate, hollow, moil, have a feel for something, law, gather up.

Usage examples: