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Definition of appropriation:

  1. Anything, especially money, thus set apart.
  2. The act of setting apart or assigning to a particular use or person, or of taking to one's self, in exclusion of all others; application to a special use or purpose, as of a piece of ground for a park, or of money to carry out some object.
  3. The application of payment of money by a debtor to his creditor, to one of several debts which are due from the former to the latter.
  4. The severing or sequestering of a benefice to the perpetual use of a spiritual corporation. Blackstone.


bestowal, benefit, stipulation, cash, grant, subsidy, funding, fund, budget, remuneration, support, donation, preemption, subscription, allocation, relief, concession, usurpation, stipend, curtailment, apportionment, allotment, subvention, give, gift, arrogation, giving, allowance, reduction.

Usage examples: