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Definition of arc:

  1. A curvature in the shape of a circular arc or an arch; as, the colored arc ( the rainbow); the arc of Hadley's quadrant.
  2. A portion of a curved line; as, the arc of a circle or of an ellipse.
  3. An arch.
  4. The apparent arc described, above or below the horizon, by the sun or other celestial body. The diurnal arc is described during the daytime, the nocturnal arc during the night.
  5. To form a voltaic arc, as an electrical current in a broken or disconnected circuit.


firing, slue, twist, swing, cut, spin, light, inflection, horizontal, emission, bowing, fore, blackout, whirl, sheer, charge, brownout, crook, outpouring, segment of a circle, trend, AC, flicker, diagonal, twinkle, swirl, kink, sparkle, venting, expelling, wind, electric discharge, veer, electric arc, active, wriggle, about-face, curl, rotation, bowknot, sack, rotate, swerve, bend, line, sacking, spark, release, curve, arc light, outline, turn, curvature, alternating current, glint, dismission, slew, axis, obeisance, chord, diameter, discharge, run, inclined plane, twirl, waiver, straight, arch, circle, firing off, stem, revolve, curtain call, prow, liberation, angle, dismissal, round, bow, revolution.

Usage examples: