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Definition of archaic:

  1. Of or characterized by antiquity or archaism; antiquated; obsolescent.


obsolescent, mossy, ancestor, study atold, pass, Noachian, fossilized, passé, demoded, old-world, ageing, circus, démodé, antediluvial, antediluvian, superannuated, outworn, fusty, dowdy, rusty, archaeological, early, antiquated, disused, dated, primitive, Stone Age, olden, out, crude, moth-eaten, outdated, age-old, aging, classical, new, hoary, classically, low-tech, Anglo-Saxon, moribund, antiquity, archeological, prehistoric, neolithic, bygone, obsolete, rude, kaput, medieval, old-time, out of date, basilica, old, vintage, outmoded, naive, rare, timeworn, old-fashioned.

Usage examples: