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Definition of ardent:

  1. Having the appearance or quality of fire; fierce; glowing; shining; as, ardent eyes.
  2. Hot or burning; causing a sensation of burning; fiery; as, ardent spirits, that is, distilled liquors; an ardent fever.
  3. Warm, applied to the passions and affections; passionate; fervent; zealous; vehement; as, ardent love, feelings, zeal, hope, temper.


fiery, scalding, sizzling, impetuous, passionate, gung ho, impatient, importunate, broiling, athirst, sultry, feelings, tender, bursting, heated, fervid, crazy, blistering, constant, hot, thirsty, true, torrid, searing, roasting, affectionate, lovesome, faithful, nuts, rabid, blazing, quick, mad, impassioned, igneous, study at, keen, avid, glowing, solicitous, flaming, hot-blooded, boiling, concern, dithyrambic, bright, enthusiastic, intent, sweltering, red-hot, baking, raring, fervent, vehement, warm, perfervid, intense, agog, scorching, loyal, burning.

Usage examples: