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Definition of arduous:

  1. Attended with great labor, like the ascending of acclivities; difficult; laborious; as, an arduous employment, task, or enterprise.
  2. Steep and lofty, in a literal sense; hard to climb.


leaden, expectant, tall, knockout, voiceless, rigorous, effortful, difficult, big, strong, exigent, clayey, sonorous, grave, moiling, lumbering, great, hellacious, labored, testing, fleshy, ponderous, overweight, profound, easy, with child, strenuous, operose, dense, exhausting, Augean, weighed down, cloggy, gravid, impenetrable, threatening, hard, toilsome, grueling, sweaty, enceinte, unvoiced, backbreaking, murderous, killer, be an effort, exacting, large, serious, labourious, sullen, taxing, heavy, laboured, concentrated, laborious, herculean, persnickety, intemperate, weighty, wakeless, sound, stiff, lowering, pick-and-shovel, surd, challenging, punishing, straining, gruelling, killing.

Usage examples: