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Definition of argue:

  1. To blame; to accuse; to charge with.
  2. To contend in argument; to dispute; to reason; - followed by with; as, you may argue with your friend without convincing him.
  3. To debate or discuss; to treat by reasoning; as, the counsel argued the cause before a full court; the cause was well argued.
  4. To invent and offer reasons to support or overthrow a proposition, opinion, or measure; to use arguments; to reason.
  5. To persuade by reasons; as, to argue a man into a different opinion.
  6. To prove or evince; too manifest or exhibit by inference, deduction, or reasoning.


reason out, state, palisade, get by, indicate, establish, affirm, compete, manage, allege, persuasion, reason, bespeak, declare, witness, justify, make do, maintain, talk into, assert, plead, beg, claim, deliberate, entreat, implore, consider, tangle, moot, grapple, point to, induce, wall, get, explain, solicit, convince, demonstrate, fight, appeal, spat, point, avouch, testify, deal, tiff, bring, surround, hold, study at, clarify, press, elucidate, present, mark, cope, aver, signal, turn over, contest, make out, squabble, suggest, repugn, talk about, words, ask, advocate, conclude, say, postulate, contend, attest, show, designate, avow, beseech, quibble, betoken, fence, asseverate, urge, debate, fence in, persuade.

Usage examples: