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Definition of arid:

  1. Exhausted of moisture; parched with heat; dry; barren.


tiresome, jading, spiritless, stuffy, treeless, unimaginative, rainless, droughty, dreary, boring, stodgy, dried-out, desolate, leaden, weary, wearisome, monochromatic, monotonous, stupid, desert, jejune, dull, desiccate, waterless, pedestrian, moistureless, lifeless, desiccate, heavy, humdrum, dehydrated, anhydrous, drudging, mind-numbing, old, deserted, drab, lusterless, aseptic, bare, ho-hum, sun-baked, sere, wearying, slow, matter-of-fact, sterile, tedious, prosaic, flat, trivial, uninspired, earthbound, tame, dusty, excite, numbing, desiccated, ponderous, bone-dry, wild, sterile, waste, tiring, dry, unexciting, dried, flavorless, lackluster, colorless, stale.

Usage examples: