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Definition of arouse:

  1. To excite to action from a state of rest; to stir, or put in motion or exertion; to rouse; to excite; as, to arouse one from sleep; to arouse the dormant faculties.


encourage, ride, drive out, trounce, ignite, land up, poise, depend upon, paint a picture, come alive, lambast, spark, charge, chew out, get off, trip out, shake, excited, hinge upon, waken, have, bid, boot, reproof, steady, fire, nurture, wake, perk, lift, enhance, energize, frisky, give the axe, educe, grow, finish up, refer, put up, evoke, rebuke, force out, take to task, depend on, shake up, move, burn, touch, conjure, farm, discharge, upgrade, fuel, desire, bawl out, put forward, give notice, parent, set up, entreat, pique, heat, cabal, reboot, advert, chivy, chew up, chevvy, finish, knock up, dress down, percolate, instigate, machinate, provoke, sex, conflagrate, stimulate, shift, kick up, energise, promote, appeal, elicit, wind, rear, kindle, stir, bestir, erect, dismiss, hot, burn down, recruit, stabilize, stabilise, hinge on, extract, bring up, upraise, chivvy, want, chide, can, state, wake up, adjure, sexy, chevy, berate, hasten, remonstrate, conspire, have words, rev, get, affect, randy, rush, molest, inspire, call down, awareness, awake, displace, lambaste, raise, complot, posit, send away, awaken, mention, terminate, produce, beset, on the pull, submit, call on the carpet, commove, budge, advance, leaven, assert, nominate, rouse, lecture, induce, invoke, brace, sack, call forth, fire up, trip, turn-on, draw out, kick upstairs, make, rout out, charge up, fetch up, heighten, end up, switch on, levy, reprimand, resurrect, open fire, scold, give the sack, gain vigor, conjure up, enkindle, cause, get up, name, go off, plague, beseech, wind-up, stir up, pick up, suggest, cite, press, rag, jaw, elevate, perk up, devolve on, prove.

Usage examples: