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Definition of arrest:

  1. A scurfiness of the back part of the hind leg of a horse; - also named rat- tails.
  2. Any seizure by power, physical or moral.
  3. The act of stopping, or restraining from further motion, etc.; stoppage; hindrance; restraint; as, an arrest of development.
  4. The taking or apprehending of a person by authority of law; legal restraint; custody. Also, a decree, mandate, or warrant.
  5. To rest or fasten; to fix; to concentrate.
  6. To seize on and fix; to hold; to catch; as, to arrest the eyes or attention.
  7. To stop; to check or hinder the motion or action of; as, to arrest the current of a river; to arrest the senses.
  8. To take, seize, or apprehend by authority of law; as, to arrest one for debt, or for a crime.
  9. To tarry; to rest.


freeze, dumbfound, apprehensiveness, break, stay, interest, forbear, retard, bewilder, bugger off, term of enlistment, check over, hobble, drive away, dispel, get word, check into, interfere with, baffle, hold on, pinpoint, maintain, scram, snag, pickup, revert, perplex, suppression, ensure, mesmerize, catch up, apprehended, dog collar, block up, gravel, assay, engender, check, continue, choker, hindrance, sent to prison, return, stick, wait, gain vigor, bewitch, check up on, overtake, comprise, hear, defy, rivet, arrive, cease, induce, preventive, buzz off, limp, balk, grow, apply, become, pay back, taking into custody, lapse, stall, jibe, peck, offset, fire someone with enthusiasm, dig, period, belay, tour, invert, harbour, correspond, insure, grip, nonplus, drive, get down, excite, beguile, vex, discontinuance, duty tour, guard, look into, lift up, get the picture, end, sweep through, plosive speech sound, reverse, nab, discipline, termination, gather up, diaphragm, reserve, run in, entertain, cheque, blockade, boom, shutoff, intoxicate, blast, develop, curb, mark off, generate, acquittal, ace, kill, lay off, cause, hold back, chase away, restraint, catch up with, defend, perk, control, touch, hang-up, hold in, kill off, get wind, apprehend, moderate, drive out, cessation, nail down, call for, sent up the river, oblige, layover, learn, take prisoner, occlusive, squeeze out, baulk, admit, interference, nurse, prevail, discernment, soupcon, glom, sent to jail, motivate, tick off, discover, convey, occlusion, handcuffed, cop, incarceration, shutdown, set about, go, ending, stem, sail through, halt, impediment, point, collared, make, entrance, hold up, jailed, start, match, full point, misgiving, stop over, break off, shoe collar, cut into, come, captivate, complete, see, handicap, breath test, booked, pinch, get under one's skin, restrain, uplift, pick-up, regress, conceal, get, busted, gimmick, turn around, mark, enthrall, sire, give, find, hitch, give up, detain, becharm, bear, pinched, interruption, condition, capture someone's interest/imagination/attention, mite, conclusion, chequer, intrigue, percolate, withstand, turn back, exigency, assure, plosive consonant, dread, stimulate, take hold, pay off, continuation, hold off, obstruction, dazzle, beat, leave off, block, perk up, emergency, check out, discontinuation, bar, barricade, leash, taken in, start out, backtrack, pass with flying colors, chit, run off, mystify, ascertain, quit, freeing, harbor, tweak, enthuse, collect, expiration, set out, smash, arrestment, body search, commence, go over, stanch, discontinue, deterrent, stop consonant, snap, encumbrance, pose, spellbind, confirmation, detained, bust, support, action, preventative, watch, enlistment, keep, take hold of, suss out, inspire, obligate, retain, closure, holdup, grasp, have, experience, attract, enamor, retrovert, bring forth, take into custody, taken into custody, sustain, hold, get a line, stop, train, seized, tally, transfix, kibosh, imprisoned, caught, throw, closedown, tinge, chip, put in irons, tab, checker, stupefy, double back, detention, charm, staunch, snitch, carry, catch, close, incorporate, hinderance, mother, make prisoner, commitment, crack, block off, delay, collar, plosive, bridle, restraining, verification, savvy, check off, bounty hunter, in custody, stamp out, intercept, contract, book, view as, apprehension, flummox, deem, extension, bring, fetch, see to it, confined, overhear, acquire, finish, find out, prevention, compass, jot, incumbrance, tick, produce, surcease, fix, blockage, tour of duty, cutoff, agree, beget, hook, nail, suffer, let, substantiation, grab, elate, quail at, aim, law, contain, take for, amaze, confine, nabbed, determine, fascinate, view, neckband, hint, concur, keep back, trance, breeze through, suppress, stopover, incur, have got, begin, stoppage, go for, grok, check mark, trip up, take in, thieve, terminate, bind, bank check, peg, puzzle, drive off, enamour, haul, checkout, understanding, shut off, full stop, penned up, rub, shut up, gibe, speck, receive, breathalyze, draw, declare, fit, knock off, comprehend, imprisonment, adjudge, accommodate, check-out procedure, father, concord, enchant.

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